Rapid Learning Development

Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in E-Learning Industry

From Elliott Masie’s TRENDS newsletter # 287 yesterday: “‘How do we reduce the Cycle Time for each phase of learning development?’ The goal of many large organizations is to find ways to increase the speed of developing, designing and delivering learning to their employees and customers. This includes Rapid Development of e-Learning, classroom based instruction as well as blended and On-The-Job approaches to learning. The emerging best practices are focusing on implementing Rapid Development through the reduction of Cycle Time for each phase of learning

“TRENDS will be making Rapid Learning Development a key focus in the coming year. We have already heard from many tool and system companies as well as our colleagues in corporate learning offices about their innovations and challenges.”


The Masie Center is also hosting the Rapid e-Learning Development Seminar and Roundtable in Las Vegas this year, September 8-9, 2004. Articulate’s own VP of Business Development, Don Freda, will be there. Drop me a line if you will be there, too, and I’ll be sure to let Don know to look for you.

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