Employee Spotlight: Melanie Peterson

Employee Spotlight: Melanie Peterson

Employee spotlight with Articulate's International Product Operations Manager Melanie Peterson

Get to know some Articulate employees doing amazing things all over the globe. In this interview, Software Engineer Sherry Umlah sat down for a conversation with International Product Operations Manager Melanie Peterson to talk Articulate, Internationalization, and passion for new places and cultures.

Sherry Umlah: So, Melanie, what’s your title at Articulate, and what does it mean?

Melanie Peterson: I work in international product operations. It means that I work together with the product operations and international sales team to help push forward our International ideas and goals.

SU: That sounds really interesting! What is your favorite part about working in International?

MP: I am very passionate about the world, learning about other places and people, and understanding that the world is not U.S.-centric. There is an entire world out there that does not speak English. Localization and internationalization are the way that we bridge these divides and learn more about each other.

SU: Where is home for you and where do you work?

MP: I live and work in West Chester, Pennsylvania, which is about 45 minutes west of Philadelphia. Go Eagles!

SU: Who dat?! Sorry, I’m a Saints fan. Speaking of which, have you been to New Orleans? As part of the international team, do you travel a lot for work?

International Product Operations Manager Melanie Peterson standing in front of a telephone booth

MP: I have been to New Orleans twice. Once when I worked for Scholastic Books and once for a mixture of vacation and work. I even caught a Saints game. They were playing the Dallas Cowboys, so I clearly cheered for the Saints.

As for work travel, I don’t travel that much anymore, but this year I had the opportunity to go to London and Barcelona. Given my love of learning about new places and cultures, it’s really awesome when I do get these opportunities. But in previous jobs, I traveled a lot more.

SU: London and Barcelona? Amazing! Is there a place you’d like to visit that you’ve never traveled to before?

MP: I would love to go to Australia and Japan. I have never been to either country and those are places that I am dying to visit.

SU: What did you do before you worked at Articulate?

MP: I was a Strategic Program Director for a localization vendor and I managed the entire Apple program for my company. I had a team of 20-30 people worldwide who were responsible for several divisions at Apple, including Apple Retail.

SU: That sounds exciting and you sound incredibly passionate about your industry. In an alternate universe, if you didn’t pick localization/international as your career path, what other fields could you see yourself working in?

MP: I have a BSED in History and Political Science so I’d imagine it would be in politics or being a teacher. I love, love talking about history so maybe I’d be a good museum guide.

SU: I love your passion for the world, cultures, and history. It’s inspiring! Do you have a motto or personal philosophy?

MP: Well, my favorite quote is “Well-behaved women rarely make history.”

SU: I love it! What is your guilty pleasure or vice?

MP: Gilmore Girls and Dawson’s Creek on DVD/Netflix. I am still a teenage girl at heart.

Selfie of Articulate's International Product Operations Manager Melanie Peterson

SU: How about the last book you read?

MP: I Regret Nothing, by Jennifer Lancaster. It is a fun summer read, but I bet you were expecting a history book! The last history book I read was Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It’s 945 pages, but an amazing story and book about Abraham Lincoln. After that, I needed to take a break and read something fun.

SU: You’re a history buff and an Eagles fan. What else do most people not know about you?

MP: I was an exchange student in France when I was 14 years old. I lived and attended high school in a little town called Herblay (a little north of Paris).

SU: That must have been an amazing experience. I’m sure that experience added to your passion for other cultures and worldly view! One last question for you: What is the one thing you love most about working at Articulate?

MP: Just one? I would have to say the people. I have made some great friends here.