Scale Your Skills: Finding a Balance Between Numbers and Talent

Scale Your Skills: Finding a Balance Between Numbers and Talent

As a Customer Happiness Specialist, I spend lots of time helping customers in our E-Learning Heroes community, on the phone, and through live chat. And with a growing customer base, we know there’s more and more support required through those three mediums. That means our team must improve its output, or scale, to meet the needs of our customers.

Staffing for growth is an art, and we’ve got a solid formula at Articulate. We want to get the most from our existing staff without exposing them to maximum capacity, or worse, burnout. That got me thinking about what we do to scale and run a super productive team. Here’s what I recently reflected upon:

We live and breathe the pillars of our culture: autonomy, productivity, and respect. A career at Articulate means you’re going to learn … a lot! We’re encouraged to attend conferences, spend time coworking, train in our field, and develop ideas to continue to improve our already great company culture. By taking advantage of these opportunities, I’ve learned more about empathy. I’ve also learned how to avoid silos in a growing company and how to communicate effectively with customers. All of these little improvements have blossomed into a career where I can check off goals year after year while watching my output grow. These are some of the things that have helped Articulate become one of the largest remote companies in the United States.

By scaling our skills and growing our resources, we’re able to support customers every step of the way. Our values have created happier customers who promote our service to their own communities. Who couldn’t use more praise? And because our support team has produced such amazing outcomes, I had the opportunity to share our strategies with the Support Driven community at the SD Expo in Europe.

Was I nervous delivering my first professional talk? You bet. But I quickly realized that I shared the same goal with a roomful of attendees: Delivering the best customer experience possible and helping our business to grow. I networked with great folks and brought home new ideas to help my team handle our growing workflow.

If you’ve got 16 minutes, watch my talk about how you can scale your customer-facing team’s skills: