Announcing the 2015 Articulate Guru Award Winners

Written by Kelly Meeker — Posted in Guru Awards

We are so excited to announce the newest batch of Articulate Guru Award winners. We host the Articulate Guru contest to inspire e-learning creators to push the boundaries of their creativity and the power of Articulate software. Community members create beautiful, innovative, and fun e-learning examples to show off their skills and earn some sweet recognition. And this year’s examples totally knocked our socks off.

Winning submissions range from a how-to-be-a-ninja primer to a slider interaction that illustrates how space missions work. These awesome projects really show how captivating, effective, and fun e-learning can be. Here are the winners:


Enter the Ninja, by Phil Mayor


Audiometry Refresher Training, by Richard Edward


Robot Wars, by Nancy Woinoski

Honorable Mention

Galactic Games, by Jerson Campos
Ebola Fatality Rates, by David Tait
Everyday Employee Relations, by Jack Quantrill
The Case of the Fraudulent Pharmacist, by The Training Room

For a detailed description of each winner, click on over to the E-Learning Heroes announcement. We’re also super excited to share that we’ll have a new series of guest blog posts authored by the winners, sharing their processes for creating award-winning e-learning. Stay tuned to E-Learning Heroes for more.

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