How Rentokil is Delivering 50,000 Learning Sessions in 32 Languages Every Month

Written by Will Bailey — Posted in Articulate Storyline, Case Studies

Just how many people did it take to create 107 mobile-ready e-learning interventions in less than three months? “Five,” says Richard Gregory, head of learning and development at Rentokil Initial.

And that wasn’t a particularly unusual quarter for Rentokil Initial, a global company with a diverse product portfolio and operations in 62 countries. Keeping 30,000 employees around the world up to date on everything from compliance and safety procedures to new product information requires a high volume of effective training.

In fact, the company’s online university logs about 50,000 learning sessions a month. That’s about one-and-a-half sessions per employee every 30 days.

“Until three years ago, we trained employees in classrooms at a massive expense,” Richard notes. “Now, we can deliver the online and mobile courses to the right people at the point of need anywhere around the globe on a huge scale. And we do it with just one project manager and four developers. We’re now able to deliver five times the amount of content since starting to transition to all-digital training.”

Powering the company’s impressive course creation machine: Articulate Storyline. “I didn’t have an e-learning background before using Storyline,” notes Macaulay Trenchard, a learning and development team member. “I picked it up really easily.”

Now, every day, Richard’s team creates interactive modules that combine videos, games, and other interactive activities. Thanks to Storyline’s translation features, the team has easily translated the courses into the relevant languages. And with 32 different languages spoken across the business, being able to translate content effectively is critical.

The icing on the cake? Richard’s team has recently been tapped to create a digital training program for Rentokil’s customers. The program allows customers to upskill their employees with specific training modules around pest control, health, and safety, and that means time and money saved on preventable infestations, contaminations, and infections.

“Not only has Storyline helped us cut massive training costs,” noted Richard, “It’s also helping us retain customers and generate revenue streams.”

8 responses to “How Rentokil is Delivering 50,000 Learning Sessions in 32 Languages Every Month”


Would love to see a demo of a Rentokil e-learning module!

Marcus Erasmus // Posted at 5:58 pm on July 7th, 2015

Hi Marcus, thanks so much for your comment. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a demo of Rentokil’s e-learning modules as they contain proprietary information. If you’d like to see some examples of unique course functionality created using Articulate products, check out

Will Bailey // Posted at 7:52 pm on July 9th, 2015

This isn’t exactly a case study since it doesn’t give any insight into how they use Storyline to achieve this impressive output. It would be great to learn a little about how they set up their processes for translation!

Steven Courchesne // Posted at 6:13 pm on July 7th, 2015

Hey Steven, thanks for commenting. For more information on the Storyline translation feature Rentokil took advantage of, feel free to check out this article:

Will Bailey // Posted at 7:53 pm on July 9th, 2015

I, too, would love to hear how they use Storyline to crank out numbers like this with only 5 people. It is a constant struggle keeping up with learning needs of customers with few employees.

Christine // Posted at 7:19 pm on July 7th, 2015

Thanks for your comment, Christine. Please see my reply to Steven.

Will Bailey // Posted at 7:54 pm on July 9th, 2015

I would love to see additional versions of Articulate Storyline 2 include options to enlarge or change the color of the zoom feature for images. It would help call individual learner’s attention to this added feature in courses so they can further explore the details of graphs, images, etc.

Kim Grimmick // Posted at 6:21 pm on July 27th, 2015

Hi, Kim! Thanks for your comment. You can make an official feature request here:

Will Bailey // Posted at 3:34 pm on August 3rd, 2015

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