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Coaching Association of Canada Uses E-Learning to Stem Sports Concussions


Two players collide at full speed, and yours crumples to the turf. Slowly, he gets up and heads to the sideline. Determined to continue playing, he brushes aside his blurry vision and headache. “Coach, I’m fine,” he insists. Do you let him go back in? Coaches face dilemmas like this all too often in youth, […]

Unicorn Training Creates Mobile-Optimized Training for Global Learners


Imagine your company has spent a small fortune developing a library of brilliant, world-class online training materials. You’ve had the best experts at your disposal, and your online training courses generate noticeable results. Except there’s one problem. More and more, the people you’re training aren’t at their desks. They’re commuting, travelling, and working from remote […]

SWBC Keeps Scammers Locked Out with Articulate Storyline Security Training Course


You’ve just made it through airport security when you realize you left your office key card in the cab. Shoot. Well, you’ll deal with it when you get back, right? Bad answer! By then, your key card might have already become a scammer’s ticket to your company’s data goldmine. Situations like this make legal and […]

How Performance Impact Is Developing 30 Online Courses in Record Time


Imagine that you’re a small, nimble e-learning development shop and your client wants 30 interactive online courses—14 of them ASAP. Huge opportunity, right? It’s also a monumental challenge. How do you ramp your development time by a factor of 2 or 3? When Performance Impact faced this challenge with its longtime client, the Center for […]

How Seton Hall University Grew an Online Learning Platform


Seton Hall University’s technology-forward outlook made it seem like they had the tech boom wired—or wireless, as the case may be. Since the 1990s, they’ve given each and every student a laptop to make sure they can stay connected anytime, anywhere. Students love the Mobile Computing Program, which sponsors the gadgets and connections that harmoniously […]

Notorious ex-hacker jolts learners into changing behavior in this scary, highly effective security training course.


Learn more about this course You click on a PDF your CEO emails to you even though you’ve never received an email from her before. But what the heck, your computer’s virus protection is up to date and you’re curious. No harm done, right? Wrong. You could be opening the door to a hacker wreaking […]

Discover E-Learning Treasure in Mashrur Nabi’s Pirate Tale


Next up in our series on Articulate Storyline guru contest winners: the delightful runner-up course, “The Adventures of Captain Learnbeard: The SMS Treasure,” by Mashrur Nabi. View SMS Treasure   Mashrur’s decade of training experience really shows in his course. The Purdue University graduate, currently the manager of safety and quality training at Etihad Airways, […]

Why Tim Buteyn’s Articulate Storyline Course Wins Gold


How do you put beta software through its paces in a production environment? Run a guru contest, of course! As part of the final phase of the Storyline beta, we invited our team of beta testers to show off their most dazzling Storyline courses. We received more than 80 fantastic entries and we can’t wait […]

UNATION Boosts Online Support Tools with Articulate Presenter Technology Training


Articulate customer UNATION is a soon-to-launch Internet company focused on communications tools and social media. The company hopes to change the way corporations, organizations and individuals interact with their contacts. As UNATION prepared for its first public beta late last fall, Michael Harrold, technical writer in the company’s training group, was tasked with finding the […]

Four Things You Can Learn from E-Learning Super Hero Gerry Wasiluk


This blog post is by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks. Gerry Wasiluk isn’t your average Super Hero – in fact, he’s much more influential. He doesn’t wear a mask or leap tall buildings in a single bound. Instead, he wears a friendly, welcoming smile and wields superpowers stronger than any kryptonite: traits like helpfulness, dedication, […]

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