Save the States on a Slide Upon Resume in Storyline

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I love it when community members come up with awesome solutions to real-world problems, and then share their ideas with the community. Not long ago, Kate Hoelscher hit a roadblock creating a course for a large organization and devised a fabulous way to get around it.

“I built a module in Storyline where the learner needed to perform many actions on each slide,” Kate recalls. “But the course wasn’t saving the state of the current slide when the learner left the course and then returned to it through the LMS.”


Kate needed to figure out how to save slide information when exiting before finishing the course. Storyline automatically saves slide information when a learner advances to another slide, but if a learner is on a slide and clicks the Course Exit button, the state of that slide isn’t saved because he or she hasn’t yet proceeded to a different slide.

Kate’s solution was simple yet brilliant. “I built one ‘saved’ slide that tells the learner their progress is saved, and then put a Save button on each of the slides that it would apply to,” she explains. When learners click the Save button, it moves them to the saved slide. That action automatically saves the state of the prior slide, where the learner left off.

To make it easy to resume the course, Kate added a Resume button to the saved slide. The Resume button contains a trigger that jumps the learner to the previous slide. Why the previous slide? Because that’s where the learner clicked the Save button before exiting the course. So when learners come back and click the Resume button, they return to the slide where they halted their progress, with states and slide layers preserved.

Great thinking, Kate! Her method gets the job done and feels smooth and seamless for the learner.
If you’ve come up with a creative solution to a challenge, raise your hand! Please send your idea our way, or post it in E-Learning Heroes, or both. It helps everyone when the community shares ideas to solve challenges.

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Great solution… I like it a lot. Would something like that work for Studio?

Jeff Kortenbosch // Posted at 5:11 am on October 4th, 2013

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