14 New E-Learning Insights Worth Checking Out

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This guest blog post was written by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks.

You people have been busy! We’ve received nearly 200 entries from all over the world for the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards! Thank you, Articulate community, for building and sharing some amazing e-learning courses! In the coming weeks we’ll be taking a careful look at each one, so that we can crown the new gold, silver, and bronze winners. We’ll also be sprucing up the Community Showcase to include not only samples of the winning courses, but also some very impressive honorable mentions. We think you’ll really like what you see!

If there was a common theme we heard from the folks who submitted, it was, “Wow, I really learned a lot by doing this project!” That’s what’s cool about a challenge like the Guru Awards — it’s a great chance to get creative, stretch your skills, and try some new things.

In fact, in this week’s Articulate community recap below, you’ll see that some Articulate users have already started sharing their learnings.

How about you? What new things have you learned, either in preparing your Guru entry, or in your other e-learning projects? Aspiring gurus want to know. We invite you to tell the community about your latest e-learning discoveries by posting in the forums. Or share via Screenr or Twitter. (Remember to include the #Articulate hashtag in your tweet, so others in the community will be sure to see it.)

Notable tutorials:

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This weekly recaps are great.
How did I miss screenr on reusing Engage elements?

onEnterFrame // Posted at 12:47 pm on August 16th, 2010

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