15 Answers to E-Learning Questions, from the Articulate Community

Written by Jeanette — Posted in Community

This guest blog post is by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks.

No need to go it alone in your e-learning projects! If you’ve got e-learning questions, the Articulate community has answers. In fact, below are 15 good ones that were shared around here just within the last week.

If there are other things you’re wondering about, don’t be shy about putting your question out there in the forums. Folks in the Articulate community are ready to converse with you about anything e-learning related, from instructional design challenges to technical questions about your software, and everything in between. It’s a free, effective, always-open channel for connecting with over 150,000 e-learning colleagues and Articulate staff.

And if you’re new to the Articulate community and looking for some quick-start help, check out these resources: Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker, & Engage.

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