16 Sweet E-Learning Tips — and an Update on the Guru Awards

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This guest blog post is by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks.


Like kids in a candy store. That about sums up how we’ve felt while digging into the nearly 200 submissions from the Articulate Guru competition! We’re totally amazed at the variety and quality of these entries. We received technical courses, multimedia marketing presentations, interactive games, and all sorts of other great content built with Articulate tools. You folks do awesome work!

In fact, with this many cool submissions, the judging process has been harder than choosing between gourmet chocolate and a tres leches macaroon. In other words, super tough.

So here’s the scoop. We’re pretty close to wrapping things up, so you can expect to hear something soon. As soon as we’re able, we’ll notify the winners, and then we’ll share with you their totally sweet winning courses. We’ll also have quite a few top-shelf honorable mentions to feature in the Community Showcase, too. So stay tuned – it won’t be much longer, and we’re as anxious to commend the winners as you are!

And speaking of sharing cool stuff, the Articulate community whipped up a nice batch of e-learning goodies during the past week to help you build great courses. Here’s a sampling of the latest tips & insights you won’t want to miss:

Notable tutorials:

Conversations in the Community:

New blog posts:

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A caution regarding Tom’s suggestion about hiding entire slides. We discovered that it caused our LMS to fail to record completions, even though we set it up for completions to be based on a passing score on a quiz.

Jim Dickeson // Posted at 3:28 pm on September 27th, 2010

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