A Rainbow of Colors

Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in Articulate Presenter

Before the release of Articulate Presenter 4.1, one of the most popular inquiries we received here in the Articulate Customer Support department was, “What about Player skins? I want to change the color of my templates.” You asked. We listened.

Whether you’re an Articulate Presenter Standard or Professional Edition customer, you have the ability to change your Player color to something other than the default silver (though Professional Edition customers will enjoy total color control beyond the defaults). The popular 3.x Charcoal template is back, along with nine other options, including Mocha bean, Green pharma, and my personal favorite, Red dawg.


To manage color, do the following:

  1. Go to the Articulate menu -> Player Templates.
  2. Select a predefined template or create a custom template whose color scheme you want to change.
  3. Click Color Schemes.
  4. The Color Scheme Editor loads (you will see a tutorial on how to use the editor).
  5. Use the Select a color scheme drop-down menu to choose from one of the predefined color schemes.
  6. Standard Edition users: Click OK to save your new color scheme for this template.
  7. Professional Edition users: Click OK if you’re satisfied with the new color scheme you’ve selected, or further customize the scheme by clicking either the New button or the Color Scheme Editor link in the upper right-hand corner.
    1. The detailed Color Scheme Editor appears.
    2. Select an area of the Player whose color you wish to fine-tune.
    3. Choose a new color using one of the available methods (color gradient, RGB, HSL, or Hexadecimal).
    4. Repeat for each area of the Player whose color you wish to customize.
    5. Check the box corresponding to any or all of the Shadows you would like to add to your template.
    6. Click OK to close the detailed Color Scheme Editor.
    7. Click OK to close and save the primary Color Scheme Editor.
  8. Click Close to close and save the template whose color scheme you’ve modified.

Remember, the color schemes you create are associated on a per-template basis. You can also manage colors on the fly as you go through the Publish Wizard (Select a player template -> Edit -> Color Schemes).

Check out the Color Scheme editor in action. Each of the below links will launch the same Articulate Presenter Quick-Start Guide in a different color:

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