An Easy Way to Create More Dynamic Feedback in Quizmaker

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Have you checked out the blank slide feature in Articulate Quizmaker? Like the name implies, a blank slide gives you a wonderfully empty canvas on which you can build any content you want to augment your quiz.

Blank slides are especially useful when your question feedback is more robust than the standard feedback pop-ups allow. Rather than showing the usual pop-up, you can build customized feedback on a blank slide and branch learners there instead. Here’s a quick overview to show you how easy it is to add this to your course.

And here’s a super-easy twist on that method: by re-purposing objects from your question slide, you can create custom feedback that appears to be overlaid right on top of your question. This gives your feedback a seamless, consistent feel. You end up with an easy-to-make, custom-looking quiz that helps learners go in-depth on a topic.

Take a look at the feedback in the following four-question example:

View the example of custom feedback

Want to try it yourself? The screenrs below provide a walk-through. Also check out the Quizmaker source file so you can take a closer look at the example.

Step 1: Insert blank slides and build your feedback

View this screencast at

Step 2: Turn off the feedback popup and apply branching

View this screencast at

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Great article! Quizmaker really can be so much more as the default look with a multiple choice question. And is is so simpel to do so much more! Thank you Jeanette!

Jeff Kortenbosch | Serious Learning // Posted at 3:05 am on December 3rd, 2012

[…] An Easy Way to Create More Dynamic Feedback in Quizmaker […]

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