Announcing Articulate Online Custom Reports

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Today we’re launching an exciting new feature: Articulate Online Custom Reports. As its name implies, this feature gives you the ability to create custom reports on just about any type of data you’d like. If we track the data in Articulate Online, you can report on it.

Articulate Online Custom Reports

How to Get Custom Reports

This new feature is the direct result of your feedback, and we’re delighted to offer it at no additional cost to all existing and future Articulate Online customers (all plan sizes). You can access it now just by clicking the “Reports” tab in your account (see below for more details); there’s nothing you need to do to enable it.

You can even save your custom reports so they are easy to run again. You can also export the data to CSV or XML to manipulate the data however you’d like, or to import it into external systems. There’s also no limit on the number of custom reports you can create.

How to Run a Custom Report

Running a custom report is really easy. Here’s a quick screencast of how to do it:

View this screencast at

Or maybe you prefer the text and screenshot approach to instructions:

1. Custom Reports: Login to your Articulate Online account as an administrator or publisher, and click the “Reports” tab:

Articulate Online Custom Reports

2. Your Custom Reports: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Create a new Custom Report” link.

Articulate Online Custom Reports

3. Report Type: Choose from 5 available custom report types (Activity Report, Answer Report, Content List, User List, or Permissions). A description of each custom report type is shown, and the options you see in subsequent sections can vary depending on the report type you choose:

Articulate Online Custom Reports

4. Content: Choose the specific content item(s) on which you’d like to report, or select to report on all current and future content:

Articulate Online Custom Reports

5. Users: Select the groups and users on which you’d like to base you report (Content List and Permissions reports do not provide this option):

Articulate Online Custom Reports

6. Advanced Settings (optional): Select from available data fields to pick exactly the data you’d like to include in your custom report (the type of report you choose determines which fields will be available):

Articulate Online Custom Reports

7. Report Properties: Specify a date range for your report (Activity and Answer Reports only), give it a name (you can edit the name or any other report settings later), and click “Save and Run” to do just that:

Articulate Online Custom Reports

8. Review report: Instantly see your custom report in your web browser. Note options to edit, email, or export your report to CSV or XML:

Articulate Online Custom Reports

9. Access, edit, or delete: Run your custom report at any time by returning to the “Reports” tab in your account. Click the report name to run it; mouse over the report name for options to edit or delete your report:

Articulate Online Custom Reports

We hope you enjoy this new feature! And big thanks to our beta testers for all the input.

5 responses to “Announcing Articulate Online Custom Reports”


Cool 🙂

Dave Mozealous // Posted at 1:07 pm on October 13th, 2010

Awesome! I merge reports weekly so this will save me so much time!!

Susan // Posted at 10:01 am on October 14th, 2010

[…] Announcing Articulate Online Custom Reports […]


?n open-ended questions or essays can i see the text response given by the students?

Merve // Posted at 8:38 am on February 16th, 2012

@Merve: Yes, Articulate Online gives you access to full question and answer data for graded and survey questions. Take a look at this Attempt Detail Report tutorial .

gabe // Posted at 3:19 pm on February 16th, 2012

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