Articulate Community Forums: 3 Reasons Why & 3 Examples How

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I posted a couple entries recently about how we listen to our customers, and how we offer the best customer service around.

Today I’d like to highlight our Community Forums and share with you some reasons to join the discussion, along with a few examples of our forums in action — people helping people.

3 reasons why you should check out our community:

  1. We have lively, democratic conversation
  2. It’s like having 30 or more peers to help you do your work — at any given time, you’ll typically see 30 or more people online now.
  3. We listen to our customers. A number of our engineers and employees jump into the conversations to help people get their work done, often in very creative ways. We listen to ideas and complaints to make our products better for you.

3 examples of the community in action:

  1. After receiving ideas from Articulate MVPs, including recently-named MVP daveperso, about how “to create an Engage interaction that has parallel timelines in order to capture a corporate history,” Greg Scheelar commented:

    Great–Thanks for the link. I should be able to handle it from here with those clear instructions, too! Man, this forum support is unbelievable. Having this resource around to help us Articulate newbies rocks!!

  2. After receiving help from Tom on “how to open the Multimedia Properties” in Engage, hartam wrote:

    That worked perfect. Thanks so much for helping me. This forum is incredibly helpful. Thanks.

  3. Upon receiving successful ideas for resolution about why a “presentation went completely blank (to a white screen) at the same point in the presentation, each time we ran it” from a couple fellow community members and MVPs, cwhite left this comment:

    We upgraded to the newest version of Flash and the problem was corrected. I’m glad this board is around! It was vital that this problem be resolved.

There’s even the occasional healthy debate about our product release cycle, in which you’ll see my active participation.

So if you haven’t already joined us, hopefully you will soon. The Articulate Forums are alive and well.

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On getting ideas for quiz instructions, Easter Lizard writes:

Once again, thank you. This forum is amazing!

gabe // Posted at 1:49 pm on July 12th, 2007

We are training a large group of people (over 2000) on the very technical aspects of a new performance management tool and have some of the more difficult aspects of the project on a powerpoint already, but it is boring. We are trying to put the training on line with Engage and frame it more interestingly. The PowerPoint is just too complicated to redo. How do I insert a large powerpoint into Engage?


Pearl // Posted at 11:54 am on July 17th, 2007

Hi Pearl-

You might want to review Tom’s recent series of posts, the most recent of which was called The Secret to Building Decision-Making Branches Using PowerPoint.

You can’t directly insert PowerPoint into Engage. Rather, you insert your Engage interactions into Articulate Presenter.

You might also want to visit our forums to get some creative ideas about how to make your training more engaging.

gabe // Posted at 12:29 pm on July 17th, 2007

If you want to use Engage, you can publish the PPT in presenter and pull the slide.swf from the data folder and insert into Engage.

Tom // Posted at 11:41 am on July 19th, 2007

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