Articulate Online: Now Featuring the User Portal

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From the beginning, Articulate Online was designed to be the “un-LMS” — a powerful yet simple e-learning tracking solution created to serve the needs of what we call the Fortune 2,000,000 (view a new in-depth demo of Articulate Online).

The early success of AO over the past couple months since its launch has proven that we’ve delivered a product that meets your needs. But there was one major feature missing, you told us. And now it’s here.

Today we announce (and have already rolled out) the newest feature of AO: The User Portal.

AO User Portal

Quite simply, the Articulate Online User Portal allows your private users to securely login to a personalized training site to view and access all content items that site administrators or publishers have assigned to them.

Additionally, your users will be able to view and export detailed history reports of how they’ve interacted with and scored on content items, as well as manage settings like email address and password.

As an administrator, you have the option of deciding which elements of the User Portal you want your users to be able to access — such as history and tags, and whether or not you want to include public content items in your User Portal along with the private content items assigned to each user.

We’ve already upgraded AO to version 1.3, which includes the User Portal and a number of other feature additions, changes, and fixes. All AO subscribers and trial users have immediate access to the User Portal.

This is the latest example of how we really do listen to what you want to see in our products, so keep those feature requests coming, and enjoy this latest feature of Articulate Online!

5 responses to “Articulate Online: Now Featuring the User Portal”


Gabe and Articulate Online Team,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had asked for this and it was crucial to the way we plan to use AO. I cannot thank you all enough for such a quick response to the requests we submit.


Rob // Posted at 12:17 pm on April 8th, 2007

I am just in the evaluation phase of AO, but this feature is one of my must-haves.

Jack // Posted at 11:12 pm on June 5th, 2007

I’m struggling with compatibility or articulate with our LMS. Are you saying here you might not need an LMS? I’d be interested in that–but frankly we’ve done so much work so i really want our articuate packages to work seamlessly in LMS and they don’t..People’s training records are getting dropped due to interface issues between Learn and articulate. Please help us resolve so we can continues using articulate.

Barrie Simpson // Posted at 5:50 am on June 28th, 2007

Hi Barrie-

Have you done a free 30-day trial with Articulate Online? Depending on your requirements, all your tracking headaches could go away if you switch to Articulate Online! We can try to help you with Articulate/ integration if you’d like to submit a case with details.

gabe // Posted at 11:56 am on June 29th, 2007

[…] the selected user logs in via the User Portal, the user will now have access to a new Reports […]

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