Articulate Presenter 4.1

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I’m pleased to announce that today we’ve publicly launched Articulate Presenter 4.1. We now have two versions of our rapid authoring tool: Articulate Presenter 4.1 Standard Edition and Articulate Presenter 4.1 Professional Edition.

Here are some relevant links with all the details:

Some of the major new features include ten new preset color templates (yes, we have skins!), a Color Scheme Editor (pro only), keyboard shortcuts, enhanced preloading, and expanded content in slide-only view mode. We’ve also improved overall performance and fixed a number of known issues.

So how do you upgrade? If you’re a 3.x customer with the Upgrade Subscription Plan or a 4.x customer, you can upgrade free of charge. Just use the Update Service included with Articulate Presenter (PowerPoint -> Articulate -> About Articulate Presenter -> Check for updates…), then click the “Learn More” button for further instructions.

If you’re a 3.x customer and you don’t have our Upgrade Subscription Plan, you can purchase an upgrade for $249. While you’re at it, you can also join our Upgrade Subscription Plan. You can purchase everything you need using our special upgrade order form.

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