“Articulate Will Dominate” in 2008

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Tony Karrer, winner of the 2007 Edublog Awards (best elearning / corporate education blog) — congrats, by the way, Tony! — has posted his list of 10 Predictions for 2008.

I especially like and agree with Tony’s # 3 prediction for 2008: “Authoring Tools – Captivate and Articulate Will Dominate

homeproducts_presenter.jpg You know what else I like about that prediction? The fact that Tony mentioned us and Captivate in the same prediction. “But aren’t they a competitor?” you may wonder. Well sure, in some ways — though many of our customers also use Captivate movies inside their Articulate projects — but you know what’s going to make us dominate even more?

Name the company that now employs the core development team who brought you the original versions of Captivate. Here’s a hint: It’s no longer Adobe.

That’s right: Under the leadership of our CTO Arlyn Asch, a number of engineers from the original Captivate development team are now employed by Articulate — and our team is hard at work developing next-generation elearning tools that are going to change the way the world creates elearning.

Tony’s Big Question for January post in The Learning Circuits Blog has also inspired a number of other bloggers, including Clive and Jay, to write about their predictions for 2008, too.

I only have one, and I’m going to echo Tony…

Gabe Anderson’s Top Elearning Prediction for 2008

  1. “Articulate Will Dominate.”

Along with that, I’ll also say that when we bring you the next generation of products, elearning will be easier than ever before to create. And thanks to blogs like Tom’s Rapid Elearning Blog, design will also improve.

Great looking content that’s easy to create — what a concept. I predict it’s going to be a good year for our industry.

Happy 2008, everyone!

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I am all for Articulate dominating in 2008 but I want to see them dominate with products that run on my Mac! 🙂 Pretty please?

Jay // Posted at 3:10 pm on January 4th, 2008

I completely agree. What I am very anxious to know is if and when Articulate will put the Captivate guru’s to work to create an Articulate Simulation component! When that is available along with the next generation of Articulate Studio Pro… LOOK OUT!!!
“Accept the challenges, so you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” – George S Patton. I think Articulate will have an exhilarating 2008!

Dan // Posted at 10:48 am on January 7th, 2008

[…] Gabe Anderson – “Articulate Will Dominate” in 2008 […]

edu.blog » Blog Archiv » Predictions for Learning in 2008 // Posted at 1:17 pm on January 8th, 2008

I’m all for it, and will look forward to it. I’m with Jay also…Mac OSX versions would be wonderful. Thanks!

Matthew // Posted at 10:23 am on February 22nd, 2008

I’m all for it too, but Presenter has to work with Powerpoint 2007. Hope this is a priority for Articulate.

John Couperthwaite // Posted at 10:18 am on April 3rd, 2008

Hi John-

Presenter already does work in PowerPoint 2007. You can learn more here.

gabe // Posted at 10:22 am on April 3rd, 2008

You say “Great looking content that’s easy to create”, probably true for many applications, but when it comes to publish an already in PowerPoint integrated wmf-video Presenter miserable failes. It just does not support this function.
I was really surprised to realize that.
In order to dominate also in the future you should erneastly consider to integrate this function.
Others can do it already with ease.
I like Presenter but need this function.

Best regards


Michael // Posted at 8:58 am on April 29th, 2008

You’re right, Michael- that’s simply a feature we don’t currently offer, but you’re welcome to submit the feature request for consideration.

There are plenty of other ways to make great looking content that doesn’t require a non-Flash video be embedded in PowerPoint, though. For example, take a look at Tom’s Rapid E-Learning Blog for lots of great ideas.

And, of course, you can easily insert Flash video into your Presenter course, or even convert non-Flash video to Flash using a tool like Sorenson Squeeze. You can also leverage the Web Object feature of Presenter for a lot more flexibility.

gabe // Posted at 9:47 am on April 29th, 2008

[…] Tony Karrer predicted and I echoed back in Jaunary, it’s time for “Articulate to dominate in […]


Looking for a standard tool. Your product is nice, but with the large number of switchers to the Mac platform, this will not fit the bill. Look at the new Camtasia for Mac and Windows for an alternative.

Tom Seibert // Posted at 10:51 am on February 25th, 2009

I have converted to the MAC OSx on a MacBookPro with Microsoft Office 2008 including PowerPoint. Are you looking at porting Articulate to MAC OSx, so I don’t have to run boot camp to run Windows XP/Vista with Office 2007/2003 and Articulate.

BTW our LMS (Skillsoft) doesn’t seem to like Articulate courses published through PPT2007, I always have to publish with PPT2003.

Marilyn Cariola // Posted at 1:06 pm on March 24th, 2009

Hi Marilyn- You’re welcome to share your feedback re: a Mac version via our feature request form.

And for the record, in case anyone else comes across this discussion, here’s the blog entry that explains how to run our products on a Mac.

Re: Skillsoft, you may want to submit a case about that so we can help you in more detail.

gabe // Posted at 3:58 pm on March 25th, 2009

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