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Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in Company

asponline.gif The Association of Support Professionals, a respected trade organization with member companies that range from Microsoft to Cisco to Articulate, recently conducted research and released a report on support organizations that are offering product support blogs as a component of their support offerings.


It just so happens that one of those “pioneering companies” — only three product support blogs were featured in the new report (available only to members of the ASP) — is Word of Mouth: The Articulate Blog. I’m honored to have this blog included in the ASP report.

And you, dear customers, can revel in the fact that by choosing Articulate for your rapid e-learning needs, you’re also choosing a company that goes beyond the typical online documentation to provide you with the best support resources in the industry. Who knew that product support could be useful and fun? We suspected it could, and I hope you agree.

Product Support Blogs:

“Clearly, blogs are an ideal medium for generating a real conversation between users and a friendly company voice, and the quality of that conversation should ultimately play an important role in building customer loyalty and retention. To explore how blogs can work in a support environment, the ASP interviewed several bloggers about best practices, their preferred editorial ‘voice,’ customer feedback, promotion, and other key topics.”

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