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Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in Articulate Presenter

This article applies to Articulate Presenter 4. See what’s new in Articulate Presenter 5!

SNAG-0255.png If you’re not satisfied with the maximum amount of real estate given to your standard presenter photo (73×85 pixels) — or you have two or more presenters, and you’d like for them both/all to appear in the upper left-hand corner of your presentation — there’s a creative work-around to making the photo larger.

Instead of putting your presenter photo in its standard place, put it in place of your custom logo, or create an image that combines both your logo and presenter photo(s).

You can specify the presenter photo you would like to use in place of a custom logo either during the Publish Wizard (for one-time use), or ahead of time in your options (Articulate -> Options -> Logo).

The following are some guidelines for this approach:

  • Activate the Logo panel in the Player Template you’re using.
  • Deactivate the presenter Photo in the Info/Presenter panel (or turn off the whole panel if you don’t want presenter bio or email to appear).
  • Optimal width for your photo in place of a custom logo is 222 pixels.
  • Height can be whatever you’d like, but slide display is 720×540 pixels, so you probably don’t want your height to be any greater than 540 pixels, especially if you have a navigation for your presentation (that will appear beneath the photo).

Here’s a screenshot of a presentation created by one of our customers who have used this approach (note the large presenter photo):


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