Commenting Now Open on All Blog Archives

Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in Company

We launched the Word of Mouth Blog 3 years ago and have accrued hundreds of useful archives on everything from tips ‘n tricks on our products to customer spotlights to new product announcements.

In an effort to foster the same sense of community we already have in our forums, we’ve opened up indefinite commenting on all blog archives (previously, comments would auto-close 3 weeks after the post date).

What does this mean for you?

First, when we launched the new Website, we also added a section to all blog pages for recent comments, so you can always see what people are talking about:

Recent Comments

Secondly, if you’re reading a post from, say, September 2005 about Explanation Questions in Quizmaker, you can still ask a question about the topic, as Aaron did just a few minutes ago.

Since the Word of Mouth blog has always served as an extension of our product documentation and other support offerings, we thought it was important to make it more interactive.

Now it is.

Happy commenting!

Recent Comments