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engage_sm.jpg How would you like to create stunning interactions like a Flash developer? Now you can.

We’ve been hard at work building the newest addition to the Articulate Rapid E-Learning product line: Articulate Engage. You can read the press release right here, but first, you probably want to see what you can actually do with this new authoring tool, right?

Well look no further. Below is the Engage Process interaction, one of many dazzling interactions you’ll be creating in just minutes.


View Process Sample

You can also see lots of other great interactions right here.

To steal from our press release:

With Engage, e-learning course developers can now actively encourage discovery by prompting learners to interact, such as:

  • Examining in greater detail each step of a process.

  • Exploring the relationship between timeline events through text, images and sound.
  • Drilling down into key elements of a diagram to better understand the main points.

Download a free 15-day trial today, and start creating interactions to integrate within Articulate Presenter, or to use on their own.

Online Engage support resources:

Congrats to the entire Articulate team on a solid product release! We’re pleased to bring you, our loyal customers, the best interaction creation tool in the industry.

6 responses to “Create Interactive Content for E-Learning Courses”


Thank You, Articulate, for creating such a wonderful tool. Today’s release of Engage has made my day, my week, my month. With nothing else at all like it in the marketplace, all I can say is, “Ya done real good!” Like all your terrific products, this one too is a WINNER!

Jenna Sweeney // Posted at 5:19 pm on October 3rd, 2006

Many congratulations on another fantastic application! We were proud to participate in the beta testing of Engage. It has been a long time since we have been as excited about an e-learning application as we are about Engage. Now the gauntlet is passed to us – the content developers – to Engage our learners.

Jim Riley // Posted at 11:22 am on October 4th, 2006

Hi Gabe
I have received your blog and I knew, I must have this! Without any trial download I called my dealer ( in switzerland and two hours later I had the licence. After installing and upgrading Presenter to version 5.1 I must say great job, thank you so much.

Georges Bornschlegl // Posted at 5:18 pm on October 4th, 2006

Hi Gabe,

Congrats and a BIG round of applause to Articulate Team for producing such an excellent, alluring, mouth-watering product for e-learning practitioners. I have viewed the Engage demo on the website and I must say that I’m very excited and can’t wait to use it to enhance the utility of my e-learning course. Basically I’m developing my e-learning course as a one-man show. I’ve been dreaming to build some interactivity in the course but I don’t have the skill. Now, I can see that I can do it easily…million thanks to Articulate Engage!

Karim // Posted at 7:46 pm on October 4th, 2006

Hi Gabe,

Looks nice, but when I hear interaction i would expect some more real interactivity.

The examples of engage are actually just another method wiht some hiarchical navigation.

What we would be interested in would be a real user interaction. Such as drag and drop examples etc.

Does Articulate plan to offer such real interactivity in the future?

Regards Hans

Hans Kessler // Posted at 10:43 am on October 5th, 2006

Thanks for the input and suggestion, Hans. I’d encourage you to use our request feature form to share any ideas you might have for future version of Engage.

Also note that there are creative ways to use each of the interaction types available in Engage. Stay tuned for future blog entries along those lines…

Gabe Anderson // Posted at 12:38 pm on October 5th, 2006

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