Creating Tech Opportunities for Everyone with Rails Girls

Written by Kelly Meeker — Posted in Community

Rails Girls Summer of Code Logo

At Articulate, we’re super passionate about making sure everyone has opportunities to learn the skills they need to pursue their dreams. And of course since we’re a technology company, we’re extra-passionate about helping people develop careers in tech, if that’s what they want to do.

That’s why we are excited to partner with Rails Girls to sponsor their Summer of Code for the third year in a row.

Summer of Code is a three-month program that gives women a chance to gain hands-on experience by spending a summer building open-source code. They’re paired with experienced software engineers who can provide technical and career mentorship. And this training program includes a scholarship to make sure everyone can afford to participate.

Learn more about Rails Girls Summer of Code and all the cool projects on their blog.

And this isn’t the only awesome program we’re investing in to support bringing diverse folks into the tech sector. We’re proud to provide funding for Girl Develop It as well. If you’re interested in learning more about Articulate’s support for nonprofits, check out the Articulate for Good program.

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