Customer Feedback #3

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One of my favorite and most satisfying parts of working in customer support is hearing praise about our products and service. It’s incredibly rewarding for both me and the entire Articulate team to hear feedback like this. So keep on sending the love!

As always, the below comments are real, unedited quotes from actual Articulate customers (names are only suppressed for privacy):

    “Just a short note to say thank you very much for the kind assistance. Your efficient and rapid response is greatly appreciated and also serves as a perfect example of good service delivery and customer care – especially in an era where these standards often do not mean too much. I would be pleased to recommend your excellent product and after sales service to any prospective customer.”

    “I (and my client) is/are very pleased with the decision to use Articulate Pro, especially in light of the cost of MM Breeze… good job.”

    “I’m really enjoying this software! What a great product!”

    “Great looking program. Very impressive.”

    “Thanks for all of your help – and I really appreciate the fast response… Great support!”

    “One of the key things (we do) is provide a container for e-learning. I already have many students across the state creating content for it with Flash, but I’ve been looking at several different products that would allow teachers to easily transform their PowerPoint presentations to Flash, to which they could also add narration. Of all the programs I’ve tried, I believe your program to be best for what teachers would need. … Congratulations on an outstanding product.”

    “Thank you VERY much for your time. Your product and services are superb.”

    “Thank you for the prompt service you provided.”

    “Thanks for being so efficient! I am tech support for my business and know how important it is to get a quick response to my customers. I really appreciate it!”

    “Thanks for your help, your service is splendid.”

    “Your program is fantastic.”

    “I am a new customer, but definitely impressed! Thank you for your prompt service!”

    “Thank you all for your prompt and helpful response!”

    “Succeeded! You rock. Thank you for your perseverance.”

    “Last Friday, we tested AP’s support of PowerPoint’s internal narration recording feature with the (employee) who had initially liked the product but didn’t see it meet her needs. She represents the technical education community at (our company). … We took one of the narrated PowerPoints that they get from the technical community and ran it through AP. We had not done that before so we were a little eager to see what happens. AP performed flawlessly. Rendered the one-hour presentation in five minutes. … She uses (another product) and it takes them 2-3 hours and 2-3 passes with the software to get the compression that they want. She can’t wait to switch over to AP in the future. We’re happy!”

    “Just to tell you and your company how secure you really are I am very impressed with the whole presentation and how user friendly it can be even tough if you are not computer proficient, second the way you record a narration and the publishing tools makes it very interesting. I am impressed with your product.”

    “(It) didn�t take me long to recognize that you guys have an excellent product. I have already purchased two licenses.”

    “Articulate is a fantastic tool and is the best investment I could have made.”

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