Customer Feedback #5

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It’s that time again when I share with you some highlights of recent product and support feedback that I’ve been collecting over the past couple months.

The following are actual, unedited comments from Articulate customers:

    “Gabe, awesome job for making it easier for us to find info that we need. I like to think of your blog as a asychronous, rapid response team! You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.”
    – Mike Wanner
    Sales Trainer
    Franchise Services, Inc.

    “BTW – the reason for the new computers is you guys. Seriously. Financial Times saw what we are doing for [Company Name] and gave us a contract to re-develop the whole project for them. They’ll be putting up 14 different ‘webinars on demand’ on their website within the next few months, or as soon as we can create them. Kudos to you guys. This let me get a fast desktop and a light notebook.”

    “Articulate is of paramount importance to me and I view it as the Best of its kind available today.”

    “I think the Support blog is brilliant, and i’m not just kissing up. :)”

    “Hallelujah – IT WORKED!! I am so incredibly pleased, I cannot even tell you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! … I sincerely appreciate your assistance on this — you made my day!”

    “I am evaluating Articulate to be used to deliver [Company] Academy curriculum to high school students. I really like your product! It is very easy to use and extremely well documented.”

    “I am extremely impressed with your blog site in support of Presenter – well done!”

    “Thanks for the quick turnaround. You are great.”

    “Julie YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!!!! (as usual)”

    “You guys rock! We’ll test it out right away. Now that’s what I call support!”

    “You did a great job being patient and your assistance has now ended up being a BIG positive in my evaluation of the product. I will send the presentation out (with your detailed instructions) to be evaluated by the other folks! ”

    “This is the best product I have seen to create web pages from a powerpoint presentation.”

    “Thanks a bunch! I appreciate your flexibility.”

    “Your quick and friendly support is fantastic.”

Kudos to the Articulate Customer Support team, and to the entire Articulate team that gives us products of which we can all be proud.

Please share your comments anytime!

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I found a cool survey by Mindshare that tests your customer care IQ. I got a 68% and beat most everyone else.

Eddie Stewart // Posted at 4:03 pm on May 29th, 2008

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