Customer Feedback #7

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Did you see the accolades in our last newsletter from JES? That’s just the tip of the accolade iceberg.

Collecting feedback is a fun hobby. Sure, we get our share of complaints just like the next company, but the praise for our products and customer support far outweights the isolated instances of frustration. Here’s the latest batch of feedback I’ve been accumulating over the past couple months:

    YOUR PRODUCTS AND YOUR PEOPLE JUST ROCK!!!!! (how’s that coming from a 50+ year-old techie and geezer . . .)”

    “Anyway, thanks for your great help! Just wanted to let you know that we’re now also using Articulate in many of our subsidaries in the US to create elearning content. Thanks for a great product and for excellet support.”

    “You’re the bomb – thanks for your help!!”

    “Thank you so very much for the rapid response. You’re a lifesaver. Here is the Quizmaker product code. Thanks again, you guys and gals are awesome.”

    “I do want to say that this is some really awesome software!”

    “Thank you, Samantha for the help and patience!”

    “Thank you very much. The problem is fixed. Your service is great and quick! Have a nice day!”

    “Thanks for your diligence in prompt response to my questions. Such customer support only reinforces our buying decision.

    “As I told Samantha this morning, we are blown away by Articulate’s customer support team. I’ve purchased a lot of software in my day, and your response time and thoroughness is unparalelled. Thanks very much.”

    “The interface is extremely well designed and the tutorial and documentation make using the tool pretty effortless, which is very important for our end-users.”

    “First off, let me say that your product is amazing! Aside from this one problem I recently encountered, it has been absolutely flawless.”

    “Thanks for the quick reply. You guys rock.”

    “Again, Julie, thanks very much. Your diagnostic work saved me a bunch of time.

    “All seems fine now! Many thanks. Excellent support!!”

    “Your team and your products are GREAT!”

    I do visit the blog quite frequently and find this to be a tremendous resource. Keep up the good work! The product rocks!”

    “I purchased your product recently and I am thrilled by its design for ease-of-use, and excellent graphic capabilities.”

    “Excellent! Thanks for the reply so quickly. Your team is awesome.”

    “yahoo…..thanks….. that did the trick. Wonderful service you have got here Samantha, well done!”

    “I’ll probably be installing in the next few days; but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU! and let you know that you guys (including both genders here…) are the greatest. And you can tell Gabe I said so – he should give you a raise.”

    “Thank you …. Now that is the quickest response I have ever had …”

    “I really appreciate all the things you guys have done, and last and foremost your customer support people are great! My hat is off to Gabe.”

    “Fantastic information and support Samantha – I thank you.. Brilliant customer support – very nice – enjoy your day.”

    “thanks for a great suite of products!!!”

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Want to add to my collection for the next installment of customer feedback? Send it on over (and specify whether or not I can use your name and organization).

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