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It’s time for the bimonthly Articulate Customer Feedback post and this has got to be one of the best to date. Reading all this outstanding praise really brings a smile to my face and reinforces all the reasons we work so hard to bring you outstanding products, stellar account management, and tireless customer support. Thank you, friends and customers, for all the kind words. And to the Articulate Team: This is for all of us, so give yourselves a pat on the back!

    “Before I proceed, allow me to congratulate you (as someone who has been involved in Multimedia for nearly 25 years) on your brilliant software packages — they are a credit to you and the community in general — I wish you the best with their continued success! … after so many years of servicing the industry — I know what makes a good program, and your Articulate application is simply out of the top drawer!! It is seldom (if ever) that one comes across such a great application and I wish you all well with its success!

    – Mark Raats

    “Again, thanks for the great support. I’m looking forward to using the product.”

    “On another note, I just want to offer a general thanks for the quick reply. Articulate has always been wonderful about that, where other software company’s support takes days. Thank you again!”

    “Thanks, Julie. You folks are very helpful.”

    “I must say that your service and response time is very good. Many thanks for your help.”

    “Thanks, I’ll try to keep this from happening again. Articulate support has always been top notch.

    “We will keep going on your suggestions until we get a finalized product and let you know how it goes (should be successful based on following your suggestions so far). Thanks so much for the useful and fast help with this! You saved the day.

    “Thanks again for your help. The speedy and accurate response is very reassuring.”

    “Thanks very much Samantha! You Articulate support people are fabulous, I really appreciate it.”

    “Thank you Julie! You’ve saved the day for me!”

    “YOU GUYS ROCK! THANKS for the ‘after hours’ support!!”

    “Thanks much for the quick turnaround. If your product is as good as your customer service, I’m sure the entire ADL community will benefit. I look forward to trying out your product.”

    “Thank you for the response and for the upgrade. From a business to business stand-point, I consider what you did extremely professional, and I want to personally thank you for all of your help … I think your company has a tremendous future given the rapidly growing education industry.”

    Wow, that was fast! Thanks much.”

    “Julie: Thanks again for guiding us through this installation and being so helpful and patient.”

    As a professional software tester, I congratulate you and the Articulate team on a quality product. My clients love the online training we are offering using Articulate and Quizmaker. It also make the process of creating such content a lot easier than anything else I have used previously!”

    “You little devil, you lied to me. Not only is there an audio timeline editor in Presenter 5, even though you said there wouldn’t be one, but the one included is far superior to the one used in Breeze Presenter or any competing product. Even worse, Presenter 5 makes it soooo easy to make high quality presentations that I’m going to have a very tough time justifying the fees we charge. And another thing, these Presenter presentations are so slick we are being inundated with requests to do more, and more, and more . Did the engineers at Articulate ever consider our need for free time away from work? In other words, Presenter 5 is first-class, absolutely outstanding, and a fantastic profitable tool we are making much use of in our business. And your support staff have blown us away with their spot-on help.
    – John Hauschildt
    N E W C A S T L E

    “Samantha – Thanks so much for your assistance. We love you product! Our clients are scattered across the country and using your tool has been an incredible way to communicate new ideas and share project plans with them. We spent a tremendous amount of time searching for an application that would give us a cost-effective way to talk with clients. Articulate beats everyone else hand down! You’ve blown Breeze right out the door!!
    – Mark White,
    Healthcare Communications, LLC

    “Thanks, Justin! I am not concerned – anyone who would work so hard to help me with this problem on a Friday night wins my vote as ‘Tech Support of the Year’ and is definitely a trustable guy – and if I could cast you in bronze and install you in the lobby of Articulate’s corporate office, I would. Thanks again, and I will definitely send you a link. You are my hero.

    “Thank you for the quick resolution to my issue. I have been impressed with your support team and would feel comfortable recommending your products to my customers.”

    “Great! THank you for your help today…Great support as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “kudos on AP5, which is truly outstanding!”

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