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This article applies to Articulate Presenter 4

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launch_presentation.png For anyone who’s ever launched content created by Articulate Presenter, this page no doubt looks familiar.

It is the index.html page that is created by Articulate Presenter and placed in your published output directory. Its sole purpose in its lonely digital life is to call upon its more glamorous friend, player.html, to perform.

Here is a basic summary of how each of these pages functions:

  • index.html: Sets parameters for the browser window that will open containing the Articulate Player and your content. Launches player.html.
  • player.html: Contains the code to launch the Articulate Player and play your content. Without index.html, player.html is a full-size browser window with the address bar, browser controls, etc. fully intact.

“But what if I don’t want to use index.html?” you ask. Excellent question.

As you may have noticed, you can launch from this very site the Articulate Presenter Quick-Start Guide without seeing the launch page.

First, we don’t recommend linking directly to player.html. This is a possibility, but having your presentation run in a full-size browser window with navigation and other browser controls visible can detract from your presentation.

So here’s how to link directly to a presentation without using the index.html launch page (and have your browser window perfectly sized for the Articulate Player):

  1. Remove your standard href link to the presentation directory or index.html file. For example, get rid of this:
  2. <a href="">
    Your Presentation Name</a>.
  3. In place of the above link, use the following code:
  4. <a href="javascript:void(LaunchPresentation3('
    player.html', '_blank','width=800,height=580');">Your Presentation Name</a>

This code utilizes the method that will work in most Web browsers and does not require you to implement a called-upon javascript elsewhere in your HTML page.

2 responses to “Direct Launch”


I saw a forum discussion on your support site where they discussed opening an interaction to a new browser window, which I can’t make it work.

As you know, when we are developing an interaction, we can insert a multimedia element. In the Multimedia properties window we can select to have the interaction open in a “new window”.

I have done so a few times, but the multimedia element does not open when it is set to open in a new window. It works find when embedded.

The discussion I read in the support forum did not directly address my question (I think). For your reference, the person that responded to the questions in that forum is named Spectre.

Please advise.


Jose Nava // Posted at 2:41 am on June 4th, 2007

Hi Jose- I’d encourage you to submit a support case so that we can take a closer look at this issue for you.

gabe // Posted at 6:53 pm on June 4th, 2007

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