Weekly Recap: Avoid E-Learning Fender Benders

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

Avoid an E-Learning Fender Bender

“I was on my way to the final quiz when I was sideswiped by a discordant gate screen. My score was lost and the gate screen just disappeared. I should have called E-Learning Heroes.”

Have you, or a learner you know, been seriously hurt by an e-learning-related course that’s caused:

  • Unstoppable drowsiness
  • Stage III boredom
  • Severe, mind-numbing headache
  • Loss of consciousness at the screen
  • Vomiting on your keyboard
  • Mouse rage

If so, we’re here to help. Our fully staffed community of e-learning professionals represent learners for many types of claims, including:

  • Animating graphics too fast or too slow
  • Failing to include meaningful distractors
  • Designing under the influence of illegal clip art
  • Disregarding learners or their learning conditions
  • Ignoring the need for job aids and offline resources
  • Failing to provide meaningful feedback

For a free, no-risk consultation, open up your browser right now and go to: ElearningHeroes.com.

The Articulate community can evaluate your course and give you expert e-learning advice. Take a look at last week’s case load:

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