Employee Spotlight: Sarah S.

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sarah5.png In some companies there’s a department known as sales operations or sales support; in others, it might be called the order accuracy team. At Articulate we call her Sarah. And she’s a major force behind the success of our rockin’ account management team.

If you’re an Articulate customer or considering becoming one, odds are that you’ve interacted with Sarah in some way — whether directly or indirectly. Be it fielding the plethora of questions that come our way from Articulate prospects, helping you place your order, or ensuring that you receive the products you’ve ordered, Sarah is on it. I’m proud to say Sarah is not only a great friend, but an incredibly reliable colleague. I’m pretty meticulous when it comes to the details, and Sarah gives me a good run for my money. And that’s good news for you.

I asked Sarah a few questions about her role with Articulate:

What do you enjoy most about your job and working for Articulate?
“I enjoy speaking with current and prospective customers about how they are integrating our software as a solution to meet their needs. From e-learning to marketing to creation of enhanced presentations, I’m always amazed at how people are leveraging our products.”

What do you find the most challenging?
“Articulate products are so versatile that sometimes it’s difficult to demonstrate the range of possibilities for their use. That’s why I think our support site is such a great resource. Gabe does an amazing job of trying to anticipate all of our customer needs and keeping it updated with all of the latest tips and tricks. The recently-added Community Forums also facilitate this and let customers do the same for each other.”

And I didn’t even bribe Sarah to say that!

What’s your favorite Articulate Presenter feature?
“My favorite thing about Presenter is not necessarily one feature in particular, but rather the general intuitiveness of the product itself. The fact that a non-technical user (such as myself) can create professional-looking content so quickly and easily is its most attractive asset.”

Helping not just our daily sales operations function smoothly, but regularly answering support questions that come her way, Sarah is a great asset to our company and part of the team that delivers some of the best products, effective support, and timely order processing in the world.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest in our occasional series of Employee Spotlights that help you get to know the people behind the software. If you have any questions for me or for Sarah, please use my contact form.

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Go Sarah!! 😎

The more I learn about the folks behind Articulate, the more I have confidence in the product. I know that sounds cheesy. However, it’s true.

Gabe and Dave Mozealous are also good ambassadors.

Great job guys.

Shayne // Posted at 6:10 pm on June 10th, 2006

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