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I’m pleased to announce the latest support offering available to help you collaborate with and support one another on all your Articulate projects: Skype integration with the Articulate Community Forums.

You can already private message each other (and our moderators), or IM anyone who’s provided instant messaging details (ICQ, AIM, MSN, or Yahoo). Now you can actually talk to each other via Skype. What other software company gives you this much access in helping you get past your roadblocks and on your way to project success?

Here’s how to enable Skype integration with the Community Forums:

  1. Download the Skype application and register (or, if you already have an account, launch the Skype application and login).
  2. If you want other Articulate Community Forums members to see your online status, in Skype go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy and check the box to Allow my status to be shown on the web.

  3. Edit your Community Forums profile and type in your Skype name (and the login(s) for any other instant messaging application(s) you want to use to communicate with fellow forum members).

  4. Save your profile.

That’s it! Whenever you’re logged into Skype, the Articulate Community Forums will now display a Skype icon beneath your name alongside all your forum posts (as well as in your public profile). The status you select in Skype (Online, Offline, Skype Me, etc.) will be respected in the forums.


So whenever you want to collaborate or talk live with your fellow Articulate users, now you can.


I hope you’re as excited about this great new support feature as I am. It’s yet another reason why Articulate is the world leader in bringing you cutting-edge products and support services for all your rapid e-learning needs.

(Though you may see me or other Articulate moderators on Skype every once in a while, please note that this medium is not an official method of contacting Articulate Customer Support, and is intended primarily for peer-to-peer collaboration.)

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