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Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in Articulate Presenter

This article applies to Articulate Presenter 4. See what’s new in Articulate Presenter 5!

Articulate Presenter optimizes output for 800×600 or larger. The slide display is 720×540. There are a number of ways to launch your presentation, the standard method being via index.html and our most often recommended method being via Direct Launch. Another question that we get a lot is, “Can I launch my presentation in full-screen display mode, or make it resizable?”

The following is one way to make your presentation resizable:

  1. Publish your presentation as usual.
  2. Download the file index_fullscreen.zip and unzip the HTML file.
  3. Copy index_fullscreen.html into your output directory (or rename to index.html).
  4. Launch your presentation using index_fullscreen.html (or via index.html if you changed the name).
  5. Click the button in your browser to expand the window to full-screen view.

It’s important to note that performance will not be as good as in the standard mode since the expanded Flash files will use more of your computer’s processor and graphics card.

A couple other suggstions if you use this approach:

  • Let your users know they can close the window by clicking the “X” or by using CTRL-W.
  • Let users on slower machines know that viewing in full-screen mode will impact their computers more so than in standard view.

View the Articulate Presenter Quick-Start Guide in full-screen mode (just expand the window after launching).

Advanced Tip: If you want your presentation to launch automatically in full-screen mode, use the approach outlined here, then look for the code in player.html that specifies the default launch size, and comment it out.

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