Give Learners More Meaningful Feedback with Custom Feedback Layers in Quizmaker ’13

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Sometimes when you create learner assessments, you want to give learners custom feedback about their performance. Not just custom text, but crazy cool visual feedback as well, like videos and audio. Possible? Absolutely, and easy too in Articulate Quizmaker ’13. You can create unique feedback with a simple combination of the feedback master and feedback layers. The best part is, it’s really fast too.

Use the Quizmaker Feedback Master for Visual Design

Do you want to change that gray textbox to something different? Or trade it for a new design? No problem—you can create, delete, and edit your persistent design elements right in the feedback master. Here’s how:

  • Click on the View tab in Quizmaker and select Feedback Master
  • Hover over the slides to see their labels (correct or incorrect)
  • Select the feedback slide you want to alter
  • Design away!

Each type of feedback can have its own unique set of characteristics. Maybe your correct feedback has Arial font, but the incorrect feedback uses Calibri. Or maybe the background colors are different. The cool thing is, it’s entirely up to you.

Now, here’s a cool tip. Let’s say you want a few different layout options for correct or incorrect answers. Not a problem. Simply insert a new layout and add another design.

Apply a Layout to a Feedback Layer in Quizmaker

Remember when you hovered on the feedback master and found the “correct feedback” slide? Well, when you create a new question, Quizmaker will automatically apply your original layout from the feedback master to the corresponding feedback layer. However, if you want to change the feedback layer associated with a particular question, you should:

  • Go to Slide View on your quiz
  • Select a feedback layer in the lower-right-hand panel (it will appear on the slide)
  • Right-click on the slide and hover over “Layout” to see a menu with all of your layouts
  • Choose one of the layouts you created

The neat thing is, you can easily apply these layouts to your feedback layers. And each question can be different—simply repeat this process for each layer you want to change.

Customize the Content on the Feedback Layer

Once you have your persistent elements set for the feedback layers, you can customize the feedback further with Quizmaker’s awesome design tools. Want to change what the text says, or add a character for some visual feedback? No problem. Here’s what you do:

  • Go to Slide View
  • Select a feedback layer (it will appear on the slide)
  • Add your content to the slide (which is actually the feedback layer)

For some tips on getting started with feedback layers in Quizmaker 13, check out this Screenr.

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If you want to try this yourself but don’t have Quizmaker ’13, no problem. Just sign up for a fully functional, free 30-day trial of Studio ’13. And don’t forget to post your questions and comments in the forums. We’re here to help!

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