Guru Honorable Mention: Machine Principles Course by Bruce Graham

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This post by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks features one of the Honorable Mentions from the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards. To see other award-winning courses from the Guru Awards, check out the posts here.

Today we’re featuring another Honorable Mention from the Articulate Guru Awards! It’s a course built by Bruce Graham, an active Articulate community member, freelance e-learning designer, and voiceover professional based in the UK.

Bruce’s course uses an engaging story to teach learners technical content about an industrial machine. The course features three different voices — two were done by Bruce himself, and for the female voice he enlisted the talent of his wife Gwen.

Take a look at Bruce’s course below to find out how Pippa, a saleswoman facing an unexpected assignment from her boss, rises to the challenge:

View the Machine Principles course

What got the judges’ attention? The judges liked the way Bruce puts learners at ease from the get-go with a compelling scenario. The multi-character dialog and comic-style graphics, combined with just a touch of humor, make the course both interesting and inviting. Judges also liked how Bruce leverages Engage Circle Diagrams, an Engage Timeline interaction, and attachments to the course player. And his no-nonsense way of presenting information makes even technical machine details easy to understand.

Find out more by hearing Bruce’s behind-the-scenes explanation of the approach he used for this course:

View this screencast at Screenr

Nicely done, Bruce — congrats on winning an Articulate Guru Honorable Mention!

If you’re eager to see more Honorable Mentions, keep your eyes here on the Word of Mouth blog. We’ve got more guru-quality courses coming your way soon!

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Loved the humor. So funny.

WillF // Posted at 9:36 am on May 12th, 2011

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