Here’s an E-Learning Goal the Community Can Help You Fulfill

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This guest blog entry was written by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks.


It’s almost the end of March — a great time to dust off your New Year’s resolutions and see how you’re doing with those. If one of your goals was to take your e-learning skills up a notch in 2010, it’s not too late! Tapping into the power of the Articulate Community is a sure way to become an e-learning superstar. It’s the perfect place to flex & grow your skills, and by getting involved you can help others along, too.

Speaking of e-learning developers helping each other out, check out all the helpful tips that your fellow Community members shared just this week:

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Oh, and one more thing! A shout-out to all the folks we met at Learning Solutions 2010 in Orlando this week! We love talking with so many Articulate customers face-to-face and hearing about all the cool stuff you’re building. Thanks for being part of the Articulate Community.

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Thanks for the shout out, Jeanette!

I’m wrapping up an Articulate 09 course right now. Client has been impressed with what Presenter/QM/Engage can do. Plus, the course has one imported video, one imported Flash SWF, and audio narration.

Thanks for making me look good!


Jenise Cook // Posted at 12:53 pm on March 26th, 2010

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