How Bedbugs Can Improve Your E-Learning (& 10 Other Helpful Tips)

Written by Jeanette — Posted in Community

This guest blog post is by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks.

Did you happen to see Joe Deegan’s bedbug conversation in the forums last week? No, he wasn’t asking how to get rid of them. He was asking how to design a course about them.

Some folks might glance at his post and think “Uh, bedbugs? Can’t really help there. I build e-learning about …” (fill in the blank — compliance, negotiation, safety, harassment, software, sales techniques, technical skills, or whatever). But skim Joe’s discussion thread, and you’ll see you don’t need to be a bedbug expert to come up with some really awesome design concepts. You might even find some cool ideas to apply to your own work.

A lot of times it’s easier (and yeah, sometimes even more fun) to noodle out great ideas for someone else’s content than your own. And here’s the cool thing: flexing your creativity with other designers will carry right over into your own projects. You’ll look at your own courses differently, and you’ll probably end up trying creative new things that might’ve never occurred to you otherwise. One of the people in the bedbug discussion is even going to use some of the ideas to improve a course about building inspections. Everyone wins. Collaboration like that is one of the things that makes the community so powerful.

So if you’re in a creative slump, or even if you just have a simple question about your tools or about an e-learning topic, why not tap into the knowledge of the community like Joe did?

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