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2-1-1 San Diego Uses Articulate Storyline to Boost Crisis Response Effectiveness By 15%


For public assistance hotline 2-1-1 San Diego, success means connecting people who need help with the right resources—quickly and compassionately. And that’s not always easy. Agents handle sensitive conversations, such as people seeking food and utility assistance, help with domestic issues, addiction and recovery services, and more. What agents say and how they say it […]

How Rentokil is Delivering 50,000 Learning Sessions in 32 Languages Every Month


Just how many people did it take to create 107 mobile-ready e-learning interventions in less than three months? “Five,” says Richard Gregory, head of learning and development at Rentokil Initial. And that wasn’t a particularly unusual quarter for Rentokil Initial, a global company with a diverse product portfolio and operations in 62 countries. Keeping 30,000 […]

How LexisNexis Used Mobile Learning to Improve Sales Training


If you’re an attorney in the U.S., LexisNexis is your lifeblood. You rely on the company’s more than 30 terabytes of laws, statutes, and opinions to build your cases. You also count on LexisNexis to cater its information services to your specific area of practice. And with over 100 separate areas of legal practice in […]

Changefirst Slashes Training Costs for Client with Articulate Storyline Courses


Making organizational changes can be a risky, yet necessary, disruption to any company’s status quo. Even with experts on board to help, it’s time-consuming and expensive. But the U.K.-based company Changefirst helps organizations build the capabilities to implement change effectively. Recently, Changefirst helped a client slash a £400,000 organizational training expense to a £50,000 one—and […]

Insperity Builds 72 Sales Training Modules in Three Months with Articulate Storyline


As a leading provider of human resources and business solutions, Insperity has to clear a lot of hurdles every day to stay competitive. Training is critical for their sales team—but there was a constant tension between time spent on training and time spent in front of prospective clients. So when Insperity’s sales training team saw […]

Coaching Association of Canada Uses E-Learning to Stem Sports Concussions


Two players collide at full speed, and yours crumples to the turf. Slowly, he gets up and heads to the sideline. Determined to continue playing, he brushes aside his blurry vision and headache. “Coach, I’m fine,” he insists. Do you let him go back in? Coaches face dilemmas like this all too often in youth, […]

Unicorn Training Creates Mobile-Optimized Training for Global Learners


Imagine your company has spent a small fortune developing a library of brilliant, world-class online training materials. You’ve had the best experts at your disposal, and your online training courses generate noticeable results. Except there’s one problem. More and more, the people you’re training aren’t at their desks. They’re commuting, travelling, and working from remote […]

SWBC Keeps Scammers Locked Out with Articulate Storyline Security Training Course


You’ve just made it through airport security when you realize you left your office key card in the cab. Shoot. Well, you’ll deal with it when you get back, right? Bad answer! By then, your key card might have already become a scammer’s ticket to your company’s data goldmine. Situations like this make legal and […]

Articulate Storyline Healthcare Training Takes Aim at Maternal Mortality Rates


When a new mother hemorrhages, her life’s on the line. “You don’t have time to stop and ponder,” explains Janelle Francis, R.N., Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s education director. “When a patient crashes, you have to move quickly.” But all too often, new mothers don’t get the right care at the right time. According to the […]

How Performance Impact Is Developing 30 Online Courses in Record Time


Imagine that you’re a small, nimble e-learning development shop and your client wants 30 interactive online courses—14 of them ASAP. Huge opportunity, right? It’s also a monumental challenge. How do you ramp your development time by a factor of 2 or 3? When Performance Impact faced this challenge with its longtime client, the Center for […]

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