How to Build Video Quizzes in Articulate Quizmaker

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Articulate Quizmaker

Video-based quizzing gives you so much flexibility to choose the questions you ask and the material you cover. When I’m building interactive video quizzes, I like to use slide view in Articulate Quizmaker ’09 to work with slide objects and quiz elements. Today, I want to share with you two ways that slide view can help you do more with your video quizzes—and make them more memorable for learners, too.

Sequence quiz questions and video

If you want to make sure learners see important videos, you can delay showing your quiz questions until after your video finishes. And, since the video and questions are on the same slide, learners can easily review the video for information they missed. Simply use the timeline in slide view to control the timing of your video and questions—watch this screencast to see how:

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Integrate quiz questions with your video

Another reason I like the slide view in Quizmaker is that it lets me access specialized question types like the sequence dropdown. E-learning developers often use this question type to have learners select items from drop-down menus and arrange them in sequence. However, you can also use this feature to create a series of multiple-choice questions that display at the same time as your video. As the video plays, learners choose their answers based on what they see and hear in the video. Check out this screencast to see how:

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For even more ways to use video in your Quizmaker quizzes, check out the following tutorials:

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