Introducing Articulate Super Hero: Kevin Thorn

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Let’s hear it for Kevin Thorn, Articulate Super Hero! Many of you probably already know Kevin, or at least know of him, through the E-Learning Heroes forums. Without fail, he’s constantly using his superpowers to answer questions, share tips, inspire creative minds, and right the wrongs of the e-learning universe. Quick, hand that superhero a cape!

Though he claims to be an “accidental instructional designer,” his natural strengths, interests, and talents clearly pointed him in the right direction. Early on, when he joined the training department, his new boss showed him the bleak classroom jammed with training binders and a crummy old computer terminal for courses and assessments, and Kevin thought: there’s GOT to be a better way to train people! He made it his mission to completely revamp his company’s training materials and methodology, and realized he was hooked—his passion for engaging learners was born!

Kevin’s been an Articulate community regular since his company first got Articulate Studio licenses about five years ago. Like many, he hovered on the fringe for a while, but then he really kicked it up, connecting and collaborating on projects.

A pivotal moment came when he answered a challenge—a dare, really—from our own David Anderson to enter his work in the annual Guru Awards. Reluctantly, he did so … and “MISSION: Turfgrass” won the Silver Guru Award! Inspired by that success, he entered—and won!—Elearning Guild’s Demofest, and the recognition landed him a slew of freelance jobs. Then, in early 2012, he cut the corporate cord and went out on his own and founded his consulting company, NuggetHead Studioz. He laughs, “It’s safe to say that if not for Articulate, I’d probably still be sitting in a cubicle farm!”

If you missed Kevin’s Guru Award piece, “MISSION: Turfgrass,” then take a moment to check out this screencast. He goes under the hood to show how he built the floating image carousel featured in the course:

View this screencast on

Even when Kevin’s immersed in projects, he always keeps a hand in the forums, looking for ways to help and inspire others. “For me, the most satisfying thing is teaching people something that will help them with their work.” Lately, Kevin’s been using the comic format to engage viewers. For inspiration, check out this graphic novel he created entirely in Articulate Storyline:

Always on the prowl for new and innovative design approaches, he’s experimenting with stop-motion animation, whiteboard animation, and sketchnoting in e-learning. To stay current on his explorations, follow his blog at

Fun Fact:

Kevin brings as much military-style discipline and enthusiasm to his physical training as he does to his e-learning work. As of this writing, he’s winning an ongoing push-up contest with his son, who’s in the army! Keep it up, Kevin!

To find Kevin:

8 responses to “Introducing Articulate Super Hero: Kevin Thorn”


Well deserved Nugget Head.
Great to see that they accepted your bribes at last…

Bruce Graham // Posted at 3:12 pm on September 19th, 2013

I just saw Kevin yesterday at the Online Learning Conference and his PowerPoint tips were great! I think the Guru label is well deserved.

Nancy Munro // Posted at 3:36 pm on September 19th, 2013

Hey Kevin… Congratulations!

This has been earned well, considering the number of hours and the number of posts you’ve contributed over the last couple of years. Every time I log into the Community you’re there, answering questions, giving advice and providing “best instructional” examples (whether you would consider them to be that or not). It’d be a bleak place without you — bribes or not…

Couldn’t happen to a better guy!


Michael Fimian // Posted at 8:38 pm on September 19th, 2013

Well Deserved Kevin.

Oddly enough Mission: Turfgrass was an inspiration to me, as it showed what you could do with Studio.

Well Done!

Phil Mayor // Posted at 3:22 am on September 20th, 2013

Congrats, Kevin! Your talent is so appreciated.


Claudine Caro // Posted at 10:59 am on September 20th, 2013

Well deserved Kevin! Your work always inspires.

Linda Lorenzetti // Posted at 1:12 pm on September 20th, 2013

Kevin is working hard to inspire people and his contributions towards the propagation of e-learning are amazing as they will make more people interested in the concept and increase their knowledge. Such initiatives should be appreciated and more experts should pitch in.

Saje Dennis // Posted at 8:43 am on September 23rd, 2013

Kevin, I swear I posted congrats here a week ago…but I don’t see them. So, I’m trying again. Mazeltov! Tx for all your great contributions to the community.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro // Posted at 2:46 pm on September 29th, 2013

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