Introducing New Articulate Super Hero: Nancy Woinoski

Written by Maria LeStage — Posted in Community

Time to shine a light on another great Articulate Super Hero, Nancy Woinoski! She’s using her sparkly superpowers to keep the Articulate community informed, engaged, and brimming with bright ideas.

An independent e-learning consultant, Nancy first joined the community around the time that Articulate Studio ’09 came out to do some pre-purchase reconnaissance. “Like most newcomers,” she recalls, “I lurked in the forums, popping in and out whenever I needed an answer to a question. Once I saw how friendly, responsive, and powerful the community was, I became much more involved.”

Nancy highlights the genuine roll-up-your-sleeves nature of the community. “The Articulate community is filled with real people, happy to share not only their issues but their ideas, insights, tips, and designs. People take the time to look at problem files and come up with creative solutions.” She marvels that the community does more than just help out—they hop right to it, usually in 10 minutes or less!

People in the e-learning community know Nancy for her fun and fresh ideas, but she’s quick to credit the Articulate community for keeping her up on new and better ways to work. “Once, a member posted a question looking for help with a drop-down menu,” says Nancy. “Within a day, a banter between community-mates produced a steady stream of solutions and refinements that really opened my eyes.” She continues, “It’s a great example of the way this community collaborates.”

Nancy’s got tricks of her own that she’s quick to share with the community as well. Check out this screencast for a fun way to create a jazzy background in your course:

View this screencast on

She counsels e-learning designers new to Storyline on the fastest route to get up to speed: “Take a project you built in another e-learning tool and try to recreate it in Storyline. You’ll see the differences right away.” Nancy also encourages anyone, from newbies to experienced designers, to get involved with the Articulate community. “It’s like this wonderful e-learning incubator you can tap into any time, day or night, whenever you need inspiration, motivation, or solutions.”

We’re so lucky to have this twinkle-eyed Super Hero in our midst, using her superpowers to support the e-learning community. Thank you, Nancy, for your inspiration and motivation over the years! 

Fun facts:

Nancy has a real appetite for adventure. She’s on a quest to visit all the countries in the world—yep, all 195 of them! She’s 30 countries in and eyeing her next destination. How about an interactive map of your travels, Nancy, so we can keep tabs on you?

Oh, and once, while she was offshore, a pod of killer whales chased a sea lion right into her boat. That’s no fish story!

Where to find Nancy:

4 responses to “Introducing New Articulate Super Hero: Nancy Woinoski”


Nancy is amazing and a forum member that I’m always looking to for comments and advice. I’m excited for her, Articulate and US!!! Thank you!

Lu Post // Posted at 4:19 pm on April 25th, 2013

Well-deserved – Nancy is always helpful and fun to be around, (in an online forum, few thousand miles away because I have never actually met her kind-of-way).
Great article, and great examples of your work.
Good job.

Bruce Graham // Posted at 5:36 pm on April 25th, 2013

Congratulations, Nancy. And thank you for the screenr.

Daniel Brigham // Posted at 12:03 pm on April 26th, 2013

Thanks for sharing some cool ideas, Nancy. Our team is engaging in more and more Storyline-based projects these days because of its mobile options. It’s wonderful to add a few new tricks to our arsenal.
-Catherine Davis, ID Practice Lead for SweetRush

Catherine Davis // Posted at 3:15 pm on April 29th, 2013

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