Introducing New Articulate Super Hero: Tracy Parish

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We’re excited to announce another new Articulate Super Hero, Tracy Parish! In her soft-spoken, modest way, she sure has made an impact in the Articulate community. With warmth and generosity, she shares a steady stream of insights on E-Learning Heroes and in e-learning conference sessions.

We love the way Tracy goes above and beyond, without splash or fanfare, to give back to the Articulate community. When asked how she felt about being named an Articulate Super Hero, she admits, “It’s quite a remarkable feeling to know that people think you’re especially helpful or have interesting solutions and tips to share.”

As an independent consultant, Tracy has authored an impressive array of e-learning projects over the years. They rarely evolve in exactly the same way—but Tracy remains undaunted. Articulate Community Manager David Anderson recalls, “Tracy shares a lot of her projects in the E-Learning Heroes forums. One thing that makes her unusual, though, is that she shares courses mid-development. That ‘look under the hood’ helps designers see how she solved interesting problems along the way.”

Tracy approaches learning as a two-way street, where she seeks knowledge every bit as much as she shares it. “I set aside 30 minutes daily to develop my own skills, which helps me learn a few new things each day.” Tracy continues, “I comb through the forums and screenrs so I know where to look for suggestions and help when I run into issues with a project.” One of her favorite threads from the E-Learning Heroes community is this idea incubator, where the community trades, grows, and refines ideas for e-learning projects.

Tracy also has developed an impressive catalog of screencasts, where she shares the clever tips and tricks she’s gathered during her e-learning career. When asked to pick a favorite, she chose this tip, in two parts, showing how to add a custom touch to the start and finish of your course. You’ll want to check out Tracy’s insights on giving your course a personalized, and professional, touch.

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Super Hero fun fact:

When she’s not busy at work in the e-learning world, Tracy’s likely snapping photos or tearing down hills on forest trails as narrow as her mountain bike tires. Whether she’s at play or at work, Tracy always brings a warm spark to whatever she does. Thank you, Super Hero!

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9 responses to “Introducing New Articulate Super Hero: Tracy Parish”


Congratulations Tracy 🙂

Italgo // Posted at 9:59 am on January 9th, 2013

Well deserved! Congrats!

Jeff Kortenbosch // Posted at 12:33 pm on January 9th, 2013

So very, very well deserved!

Bruce Graham // Posted at 3:28 pm on January 9th, 2013

Congrats Tracy! Well deserved indeed!

Kevin Thorn // Posted at 5:40 pm on January 9th, 2013

Thanks everyone for the kinds messages and tweets. Very glad and honoured to be a part of the community.

Tracy Parish // Posted at 9:20 pm on January 9th, 2013

Congratulations Tracy and thank you for your useful tips

Windmill Learning // Posted at 4:10 am on January 10th, 2013

Congrats Tracy.

Nancy Woinoski // Posted at 12:42 pm on January 10th, 2013

[…] Introducing New Articulate Super Hero: Tracy Parish […]


Fell behind on Blog Reading after the holidays. Good going, Tracy!

Becky // Posted at 6:46 pm on January 15th, 2013

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