Making a Smooth Transition from Studio ‘09 to Storyline

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Maybe you’re working in Articulate Studio ’09 and thinking “this Articulate Storyline program looks really awesome…but I’m still building in Studio ’09. Is there anything I can do now that will make my transition to Storyline easier?” The good news is: with a little planning, the transition is pretty seamless. I did it myself right after Storyline was released, and thought it might be helpful to share three tips on moving courses from Studio ‘09 to Storyline:

Syncing animations

Some people wonder about having to resync animations to the audio track after they import content to Storyline. You don’t—but it’s fine if you want to sync your content in Presenter before bringing it over to Storyline.  When you do, your animation timings will carry over and be displayed in the Storyline timeline.

Labeling your assets

Any names you give to assets in the PowerPoint selection pane will transfer to Storyline automatically. It’s a huge time-saver when organizing your content on the Storyline timeline!

Knowing what’s supported…and what’s not

So many awesome Studio features transfer directly to Storyline—and for things that aren’t supported, Storyline makes it easy to re-create them. For example, Studio annotations aren’t supported and not all animations will be the same. In this case, a way to minimize rework is to make sure you only use animations and features in Studio ‘09 that are supported in Storyline. If you’re interested in learning more about moving your Studio ‘09 projects to Storyline, check out this great knowledge base article on the topic by David Fair.

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Does anyone have a clue when we will be able to animation and object to rotate to a set number of degrees. Also animate an object to move a set distance in a straightline. Inside Storyline?

alphonso // Posted at 3:53 am on September 28th, 2012

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