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If you’re one of Elliott Masie’s 53,078 Learning Trends readers, or one of the 1,702 e-learning professionals heading to Learning 2006 next week, you’ve probably noticed something — Elliott is a fan of Articulate Engage and has leveraged the highly flexible FAQ interaction twice now.

First, Elliott used Engage to explore How Changing Technology Will Change Learning. In the last section of the lesson, Elliott says,

“Some of you are going to say — ‘How did you do this and how long did it take?’ I was trying to walk the talk of a different approach. We’re using a brand new product that was just released — and I don’t endorse any products — but it’s called Engage from Articulate. I will tell you that this entire module took about an hour to create.”

Last week, Elliott then used a “blended learning approach to (the) Learning 2006 Orientation” by sending a link to another Engage FAQ interaction — which includes a 17-minute introduction video — to all Learning 2006 attendees. Along with the audio and intro video, you’ll also see a number of links to online Learning 2006 resources throughout the interaction. It’s truly an interaction learning experience.


View Elliott’s Learning 2006 Orientation

View Elliott Masie’s Learning 2006 Engage interactions in the context of the Learning 2006 site:

2 responses to “Masie’s Engage Learning 2006 Promos”


Looks to be a very powerful tool. I shall be evaluating thru the trial version its scope, capability & flexibility vis-a-vis Authorware-Flash-Photoshop… platform. If interested for collaborations contact me at – subject line ‘elearning opportunities’.

Harraj Singh // Posted at 11:42 pm on November 16th, 2006

I saw Elliott’s “How Changing Technology Will Change Learning” when it was first published, but can’t find today. Does anyone know how I can get a copy.

Paul Taylor // Posted at 1:22 pm on February 10th, 2010

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