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ws_logo.jpg From the folks at Robin Good’s Media Network — who once called Articulate Presenter “the Ferrari of rich-media Web presentation tools” — comes a new review of Articulate Online (which happens to be the featured review on the site today):


Some highlights from the review (E-learning: Track Online Course Delivery And Student Performance Without A LMS – Articulate Online) by Michael Pick:

Articulate Online could well be of interest to small-to-medium and larger companies looking for a user-friendly way to facilitate the easy sharing and tracking of their e-learning content. With a tight integration with Articulate’s PowerPoint presentation, quiz and survey making tools Articulate Online is well placed to cater to the needs of corporate training departments in a variety of settings.

Articulate Online does a good job of managing and reporting on your content, and this is its main strength. By updating Articulate Presenter and Quizmaker so that either will quickly publish content to your Articulate Online account, you have an easy way to get up and running.

It is a simple prospect to publish pre-existing content, make it easy to share and access over the Internet and provide incredibly detailed reports on how this content was used and responded to. In spite of the possible complexity of these reports, however, Articulate has done an excellent good job of making the entire interface intuitive and very easy to use. I had no difficulty in understanding the detailed reports produced by Articulate Online, and found the minimalistic layout and design to be intuitive and easy to grasp.

Furthermore, Articulate Online offers a rich variety of features while keeping the service highly customizable. Various access permissions can be assigned to individual users, content can be branded with your company logo, and data can be easily imported and exported for passing on to clients and colleagues.

Michael even created a YouTube remix of one of our AO tutorial videos:

Take Articulate Online for your own free 30-day test drive today.

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