8 New Articulate Presenter Community Skins

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Since Presenter Community Skins debuted in November 2009 and Dave Mozealous shared how he created a custom Articulate Presenter skin in less than an hour, we’ve seen lots of community members step forward and create more skins for the community.

Below are eight new custom player skins we’ve seen, both free and for-fee:

eLearning Brothers

The eLearning Brothers offer a number of unique player skins for sale, including the below, called Gizmo, which features a navigation menu that slides up from the lower left-hand corner:

eLearning Brothers custom player

View this custom skin

Logic Swing

Logic Swing created the below custom player that it’s giving away upon request (the branded version is free; an unbranded version is available for $299). The skin features some nice custom graphics and improved real estate to maximize the area you can leverage for inserting third-party SWF files (up to 555×980 without affecting player controls):

LogicSwing custom skin

View this custom skin

Tony Lowe

Tony Lowe has another unique player skin (available for free download) that incorporates a reflection of each slide in the lower portion of the player:

Tony Lowe custom skin

View this custom skin

Tony had this to say about his experience creating the skin:

“My articulate skin story goes back to the first European Articulate user conference in May 2009, when I saw Kineo present and had to scrape my jaw off the floor after seeing what they were doing. Very humbling. I knew then I had to get to grips with creating skins.

“Since then I have focused on developing and delivering training to other would-be skin developers and offering a custom skin development service for clients. I have delivered this training face-to-face in the UK and online to clients outside the UK. The main aspects of this training are an introduction to the main concepts, source files for a comprehensive generic skin and online support while the skin developer gets to grips with creating their own skins.

“The source file allows my clients to avoid having to create and code the main skin functionality so they can focus immediately on achieving their desired look and feel. This source file includes pop-up menus with hide and reveal sub-slides, slide time line controls, volume controls, pop-up presenter panels, and more. If it doesn’t include something the client wants, I can add it.”

Webducate & Dave Moxon

Articulate’s own Dave Moxon leveraged a simple player created by Webducate’s Tony Lowe to build this compelling chromeless iPad demo in PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter:

Dave Moxon's iPad custom player

View this custom skin

You can download the chromeless player here.

Learn Nuggets

Kevin Thorn of LearnNuggets wrote a whole blog entry (and Screenr tutorial) outlining his experience creating his first custom skin:

Learn Nuggets custom skin

View this custom skin

James Kingsley

Articulate MVP James Kingsley addressed the desire for Articulate Presenter content to play on mobile devices that don’t support Flash, such as the iPhone and iPad, by creating a low-bandwidth HTML5 custom player (available for $25):

View this screencast on Screenr

James has also created a new customizable skin that allows you to add your own graphics, such as “next” and “previous” buttons, to it — with little effort.

Webucate Us

Cyrelle Gerson of Webucate Us has created a simple (free) custom skin with borders removed, so that you can work with your content starting from a blank slate. (The company, incidentally, also has embedded Articulate Presenter content on the main page of its website.).Here’s a screencast about it:

View this screencast on Screenr

Jade Kelsall

Jade Kelsall created a minimalist skin as part of an Articulate challenge for a European Articulate user group gathering. Here’s a screenshot of that original presentation with the custom skin:

Jade custom skin

Download this custom skin

Since then, Jade’s updated it with a social media banner and some controls at the bottom.

You can download Jade’s skin here.

Jade said the following about her experience:

“I orginally created this skin for the Articulate Challenge, which was a part of the 2010 European Articulate Conference in Leeds. Conference participants were invited to create a course from the provided content on social media in education; I demonstrated my course at the conference, and was rewarded for my efforts with an Articulate hat. 🙂

“Since then, I’ve improved the skin slightly by getting some better quality images for the header bar, and tidying up the bottom bar by having the back arrow hidden on the first slide, and the forward arrow hidden on the last slide.

“Many thanks to Tony Lowe for getting me started on developing skins; hopefully this will be my first of many!”

It’s great to see so much creativity among Articulate community members, and we look forward to seeing what you create next.

14 responses to “8 New Articulate Presenter Community Skins”


Wow it is awesome to see how the community really getting into this part of Articulate!
What’s next?

onEnterFrame // Posted at 4:32 pm on June 22nd, 2010

Dumb question, but is there a tutorial somewhere for using the new skins that were featured today? They’re just what I need…I downloaded a couple, but can’t find directions on how to use them!! Could someone help, please?

Lynda // Posted at 9:35 pm on June 22nd, 2010

Here is a screenr I did to show the install process for my first skin. http://screenr.com/4pN

This one focuses more on changing the colors of my second skin: http://screenr.com/z6B

onEnterFrame // Posted at 3:48 pm on June 23rd, 2010

Thank you all for this.
Can I use the normal Articulate features with the skins?
Change colors?
Add Tabs?
Progress bar?

Simon // Posted at 3:52 pm on June 23rd, 2010

The screenr embedded in this blog posting contains instructions on how use my skin. You can find an example of its use in my blog at http://news.webucateus.com as referenced in the screenr.

The skin that I developed is what it is — very bare bones. No changes to colors, tabs, progress bar, etc. It’s also free.

If you decide to use it, I would appreciate your feedback via the contact form on my website.

Have fun.

Cyrelle // Posted at 4:50 pm on July 7th, 2010

Just posted Lesson II, Part I of the tutorial on how to build my player. >> http://learnnuggets.com

Kevin // Posted at 11:55 am on July 13th, 2010

[…] Examples of skins that are out there: Articulate Word of Mouth Blog. […]



I really need someone to develop a skin in less than 30 days.
It’s a themed skin. If there is someone interested please let contact me with your information at astockton@solutionspr.net

Thank you,
Adriana Stockton

Adriana Stockton // Posted at 9:06 am on November 16th, 2010

[…] http://www.articulate.com/blog/more-examples-of-articulate-presenter-community-skins/ Share: […]

Articulate skins « Glenn Hammond info // Posted at 3:03 am on November 22nd, 2010


Anyone giving any web tutorials on creating your skins?

Would love to take one!

Also, any tips on how to get output on the iPad?


Margaret Kelsey // Posted at 12:09 pm on January 3rd, 2011

Hi Margaret,
I hope to have some tutorials up soon.. In the meantime there are a lot of folks helping each other in the forums.

We have a partial solution for iPads over at eLearningEnhanced.com

onEnterFrame // Posted at 2:10 pm on January 3rd, 2011

Hi Margaret,

I’m in the process of finishing up a tutorial on how I made mine. You can see the first couple lessons here: http://www.learnnuggets.com/2010/07/lesson-ii-part-i-making-your-own-custom-articulate-player/ The next lesson will be coming shortly.

Dave Mozealous has a great tutorial that I used to start with here: http://www.mozealous.com/how-i-created-a-custom-articulate-presenter-skin-in-less-than-an-hour-2/

As for it playing on an iPad, I believe James Kingsley (@onEnterFrame) has done this. His site is: http://www.frameentered.com


Kevin // Posted at 2:16 pm on January 3rd, 2011


I have a design but require somebody to customize it as an Articulate Skin for me. Any advices?


Sangeetha Menon // Posted at 10:20 am on June 20th, 2011

Please send me link

M Adnan Khan // Posted at 7:16 am on November 3rd, 2011

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