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I’m pleased to announce that over the weekend our planned migration of Articulate Online to a new, world-class data center (Rackspace) went off without a hitch. We also upgraded AO to version 1.7.

This move is significant because it represents our commitment to providing you with the best possible system. With the move to Rackspace comes a sixfold increase in our Articulate Online hosting investment, providing excess capacity above and beyond the long-term projected system load.

In addition to counting on us for reliable hosted products like Articulate Online, you depend on us to keep a number of Web-based systems running smoothly — this Web site and blog for the latest news, our forums for lively discussion, our support site for helping you find just the right answers, our product activation servers for new customers to begin using our software, Tom’s Rapid eLearning Blog for creative ways to design your elearning projects, and more.

But how do you know if something’s not quite right with any of our systems?

If you haven’t already seen it, the Articulate status site ( allows you to monitor the health of your Articulate Online service, along with all other customer-facing systems:

Bookmark the URL or subscribe to the RSS feed and you’ll always get the latest status of all Articulate systems.

We’ve also added a link to this new site right on the support home page:


…and in the footer of all support pages:


So now checking our system status is just a click away.

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