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For more than a year one of my big goals has been to improve the accessibility of all our great support resources.

From the blog to the ever-growing Community Forums — 17,419 posts and counting, nearly double the wealth of knowledge from just 6 months ago — there’s so much valuable information about using our software out there that finding exactly what you need when you need is critical to your project success.

I’m pleased to announce that the long-awaited Articulate Search has arrived. With nearly 6,000 pages of knowledge currently being served, our new search engine will help you locate precisely what you’re looking for.

Some highlights of our exciting new search technology include the following:

  • Search simultaneously across all support resources (Knowledge Base, Help Documentation, Community Forums, Word of Mouth Blog)
  • Access search from any support page — be it Presenter Support home or an individual forum thread — just look for the “Search Support” box:


  • Refine your search to include any combination of resources:
  • Include a forum member’s username to find a specific post from that user

You can also jump right to the search home page to start looking for exactly the answer you’re seeking:


Our new search technology is powered by our very own Google Mini server, so you can rest assured the results you’re getting are as good as those you see in a regular Google search.

Thank you to all our search beta testers and our design and consulting teams for helping make this happen! From defining our crawl rules and results collections to integrating the design and testing searches, getting to this point was no easy task.

Enjoy this great new resource!

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That’s very good news indeed!


ShaneSw // Posted at 1:46 pm on September 20th, 2007

[…] of the application. This year I chose to highlight implementation of our Google Mini-powered Articulate Universal Search as the biggest challenge of the past year, and how it’s helped us to scale our support […]

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