PC Pro + Quizmaker = 5 Stars

Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in E-Learning Industry

pcprorec05.gif Articulate software + review = success. It seems that no matter what product and publication or reviewer are used in the formula, the results are the same: Experts and customers alike love our software.

Two months ago Presenter was given a 5-star review and awarded the PC Pro Recommended seal by the UK-based magazine. This month our quiz creator product, Articulate Quizmaker, repeats the feat, also earning a 5-star rating and a status of PC Pro Recommended.

An excerpt from the review:

    “Simplicity is again key, and using Quizmaker couldn’t be easier. The first step is to decide whether you’re creating a feedback survey or a graded quiz. Then, by clicking on the large Quiz Properties button on the main toolbar, you can set up global parameters such as whether there should be introductory instructions, whether a time limit is appropriate, what the pass score should be, and whether users should be able to review or print the quiz after finishing.”

Continue reading the review (site registration may be required), or take a look at the nice collection of e-learning industry awards and accolades we continue to garner for our products.

And remember, you + Quizmaker = effective and engaging online testing for your learners.

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