Perform Amazing E-Learning Feats with Help from the Community

Written by Jeanette — Posted in Community

This guest blog post is by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks.

I don’t know too many folks in the rapid e-learning world who fill just one role in the e-learning development process. Despite the title on your business cards, most of you aren’t just instructional designers or just multimedia experts, or just technical writers, or just training managers — you probably juggle all those roles (and quite a few more) on any given day. Especially if you work in a small team or you’re a one-person shop.

Which means it probably feels like a three-ring circus sometimes. That’s where the power of the Articulate community can really help. The advice and insights you pick up from your fellow Articulate users can help you to not only keep all the balls in the air, but even become an e-learning star.

Below are some of the cool things shared in the community during the past week — check them out and see what you can learn! For even more opportunities to learn from your virtual peers, stay tuned to the Word of Mouth blog. We’ll be announcing the winners of the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards this week!

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