PowerPoint Add-Ins

Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in E-Learning Industry

The cover story of the June issue of PC Magazine is called the 2004 Utility Guide, which contains this overview: “For this year’s Utility Guide, we’ve tested and reviewed 161 utilities in 21 categories, including several that will boost your computer’s performance and keep it safe, as well as dozens of digital photo tools, customization utilities, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office add-ons, and more.”

There’s at least one PowerPoint-specific utility that you can leverage to save the work you are developing while it’s in progress — before publishing with Articulate Presenter:

  • Sequential Save: “Yet another goodie from Shyam Pillai, Sequential Save (free) adds a toolbar button that backs up your presentation — not in its current form, but in the most recently saved version, which is normally overwritten when you perform a normal File | Save. Even if you’ve just done something that messes up your presentation, the earlier version is available.”

Leave a comment if there are other PowerPoint add-ins that help you with content creation or production or…

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