PowerPoint Learning Development

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Highlights from today’s issue of the Brandon Hall Research News email newsletter:

    PowerPoint-based learning provides tremendous efficiencies in development times. Average development times across study participants was 33:1 (33 hours of development for every 1 finished hour of courseware). Compare this with the development of e-learning created with traditional authoring tools (220:1) or with simulation development averages (750:1).

    Organizations that use PowerPoint as part of learning have figured out how and when to use the ‘right tool for the job.’ Organizations that have a clearly defined model for the “right time” to use PowerPoint-based e-learning are more successful at making it an effective part of their corporate training culture.
    “…the fact is that PowerPoint-based e-learning is filling a significant training need as part of a holistic, blended learning environment.”

We sure like to think so. We also believe that we have the perfect suite of tools to power your PowerPoint-based e-learning development efforts.

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